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Animals getting help from people.


OMG I’m literally bawling my eyes out.

I don’t know what made it worse. The piggie, the squirrel.

no, the mama cat. ughhhhg.

chris p. bacon

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make me choose meme: gwen stacy or clary fray

It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you will always be.

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asgard’s next top model

if loki tripped into an asgardian garbage can, this would be mean girls

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Freedom is life’s great lie. Once you accept that, in your heart, you will know peace.

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seriously tearing up at 2am over steve irwin

such an incredible person who really cherished animals, his death will always hurt my heart. always

gets bitten on the neck by a snake.

"Can you get a close-in on this?"

I will never not love this man with all my heart.

So gentle. Obviously I didn’t know him in person but the way he didn’t react in anger here seems to show a very kind spirit. I wish people wouldn’t joke about how he died. People wouldn’t joke about a firefighter who died in a fire. Steve was all about showing us that even dangerous animals deserve our admiration, respect, and even a sort of affection, and that was something worth doing, even if he seemed goofy and silly sometimes.

I wanted to BE this man as a kid. I did. The world was so scary and he was always so excited about it all, I wanted to be excited too. I hate jokes about his death and how people talk about him like he was crazy. He was alive. He loved every single day he was on this planet and if that’s something people think is worth ridicule, then that just makes me feel sorry for them.

I love Steve Irwin.

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When even Abed is freaking out, you KNOW it’s gotta be bad.

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I have quoted this dialogue approximately 8,337 times in my life.

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